New Waste-Free Nut Base Makes Gallons of Vegan Chocolate Milk in an Instant; Just Add Water

This week, new brand Modest Mylk unveiled its flagship product line of six “nut bases” developed to facilitate waste-free, at-home vegan milk-making. The line consists of six flavors of concentrated nut bases: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cashew, Macadamia, Coco-Nut, and Oat-Nut. Each glass jar of Modest Mylk yields 42 8-ounce servings of vegan milk, or the equivalent of 11 cartons. “Making homemade nut mylk can be time-consuming, messy, and wasteful. When looking for options in the store, I found myself frustrated by the price, quality, and ingredient lists of non-dairy products,” Modest Mylk Founder Rachel Gutierrez said. “Modest Mylk is a completely new way of making 100-percent natural nut mylk at home. Now, you can easily make your own delicious, organic, clean-label, nut mylks at home with zero compromises.” Gutierrez plans to launch Modest Mylk (currently available for purchase on the company’s website for $14.99 per jar) on Amazon in coming months before expanding to retail locations before the end of 2019.

Canada Trusts Vegan Protein Powder Brand Above All Others

Vegan protein powder brand Vega was recently identified as the most trusted brand of protein powder by Canadians. A consumer-voted survey by market research firm BrandSpark identified which brands Canadians trust the most in 109 consumer product categories. For the survey, 17,000 consumers provided more than 60,000 opinions to create the largest consumer survey about brand loyalty in Canada. “Tens of thousands of Canadians told us in their own words what brands they trust and why,” BrandSpark president Robert Levy said. “The winning brands are those that deliver a fundamentally superior experience, and are validated by multiple sources in the consumer’s network.” Winning brands can be identified by the purple BrandSpark Most Trusted Award seal. Founded in 2001 by vegan Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier, Vega powders are made from a blend of plant proteins such as pea, flax, and hemp. Vega was also voted Best Plant Protein Powder by VegNews readers in the 2018 Veggie Awards. In the recently released 2019 version of Canada Food Guide, the government removed daily recommendations for dairy consumption while emphasizing the health benefits of plant-based proteins.

Massive Vegan Restaurant to Open Inside Etsy Headquarters 

New vegan restaurant Hungry Angelina will open on the ground floor of the Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn this summer. While menu details have yet to be released, the 4,500-square-foot eatery is a joint effort between vegan chef Matthew Kenney and a hospitality group based in Madrid. The restaurant venue is part of “Dumbo Heights,” a lucrative real estate cluster of six buildings in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn. “Dumbo Heights is an ideal setting for our first location of Hungry Angelina, a concept designed as an all-day social environment embracing its neighbors as well as those who visit seeking a unique plant-based experience,” Kenney said. “Having personally lived in Dumbo many years ago, I could not be more excited to return to the place I experienced in the early stages of its development, which is now one of the most vibrant communities in all of New York.” Kenney’s collection of vegan restaurants span the globe and include Plant Food + Wine in Los Angeles, Althea in Chicago, Make Out in Bogota, Colombia, and Alibi in Sydney, Australia. Kenney plans to expand his NYC-based pizzeria Double Zero to locations in Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles in Spring 2019, with a Hungry Angelina location scheduled to open in Long Beach, CA in Fall 2019.