Market your food business like a pro is an online publishing platform restaurants, cafes, food bloggers and other food businesses. We offer a self-service platform that allows members to publish unlimited number of articles any time without limitations.

  • Advertise daily restaurant offers
  • Announce new items on the menu
  • Showcase beautiful food photos
  • Share exciting recipes

With restaurant and cafe owners can effortlessly market themselves and build their popularity among the local foodie audience.

Our 2019 target is to reach over 50,000 regular readers with each article published on All articles are automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr – and we are currently working on getting all new articles on Google News.

The membership gives you:

  • Access to the publisher platform
  • Publish unlimited articles about your restaurant or food business
  • Appear in any category you want: special offers, healthy, pizza, local food, etc


How to publish?

Once you subscribed, we will create your account on the publishing platform. You will  be able to publish unlimited articles that will be shared automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Publishing an article is very simple:

  1. Write your content
  2. Upload a high resolution featured image
  3. Choose your categories and tags
  4. Hit the “Publish” button
  5. You can edit or delete any of your articles later

For support you can contact us directly, we reply within few hours.