Martha Stewart’s New Gardening Collection at Walmart Is Perfect for Spring

Walmart Martha Stewart gardening tools

Martha Stewart isn’t just a pro in the kitchen, she’s also an expert when it comes to gardening and all things home-related. Luckily, the domestic goddess is sharing some beautiful gardening tools in her new Walmart collection that will help you nurture your own green thumb this spring. They’d also make great Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love Martha (and gardening, of course)!

Mini Round Point Digging Shovel, $20 at Walmart

Martha Stewart Walmart garden shovel


The small design of this shovel makes it perfect for working in smaller gardens or above-ground flower beds. It’s 27 inches tall and has an 8-inch round blade that’s perfect for cutting through soil. (See what’s worth planting in your own garden if you’re not sure where to start.)Buy Now

Electric Hand-Carry Portable Pressure Washer, $89 at Walmart (originally $119)

Martha Stewart Walmart pressure washer


Only Martha Stewart could make a pressure washer cute. This handy gadget is lightweight and has an adjustable nozzle. It also has a detergent tank that allows for jet sprays as well as gentle sprays—depending on your project. (Then, get great outdoor entertaining tips to spotlight your newly pristine patio.)Buy Now

Heavy Duty Garden Bag, $24 at Walmart (originally $32.06)

Walmart Martha Stewart gardening bag


This bag is perfect for a day in the garden. It features elastic fasteners, a convenient shoulder strap, and easy-to-clean canvas. As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.” (There’s also a heavy-duty green garden bag if you want to color-coordinate, equally suitable for collecting lawn trimmings and hauling home farmers’ market produce.)Buy Now

Japanese Artisanal Stainless Steel Hedge Shears, $52 at Walmart

Walmart Martha Stewart garden shears


These bright hedge trimmers are tough and very easy to use. They feature stainless steel blades and lengthy hardwood handles that make trimming easy. (Check out Martha’s Japanese gardening knife too.)Buy Now

Stainless Steel Digging Tool Set, $80 at Walmart (originally $99)

Walmart Martha Stewart gardening tool set


This set comes complete with a shovel, a garden fork, and a spade—perfect for the person who’s just trying to get into gardening for the first time! All of the tools feature hardwood handles and stainless steel blades. (In addition to knowing what you should grow, see which vegetables aren’t worth cultivating yourself.)Buy Now

Electric Handheld Chainsaw, $45 at Walmart (originally $59.99)

Walmart Martha Stewart chainsaw


This little chainsaw is lightweight and energy efficient. It also has a built-in safety switch to make sure you can continue having fun while gardening.Buy Now

Real Copper Bird Feeder, $50 at Walmart (originally $86)

Walmart Martha Stewart bird feeder


Not only is this copper bird feeder beautiful, it features four feeding ports and built-in drain holes so that your birds stay happy! They’ve got to eat too; why not in style?Buy Now

All-Purpose Plant Food, $8 at Walmart (originally $25.24)

Walmart Martha Stewart plant food


Your plants, vegetables, and shrubs will be happy and nourished with this amazing and super-affordable plant food. It contains nutrients and microbes that will leave all types of plants healthy and thriving. Did you know that you can also eat your flowers?Buy Now

Check out the full Martha Stewart garden line at Walmart—or if your mom doesn’t have a green thumb, maybe she’d like something from the Sur la Table spring sale instead?

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