Let’s Build an Easter Brunch Board with Calabrian Chili Bloody Marys.

[This post is sponsored by DeLallo Foods! I’m sharing an Easter brunch board that is insanely delicious!]
Ready to make the cutest Easter brunch board?

An easter brunch board is my new favorite kind of cheese board because… breakfast. And snacks. And cocktails.
After all, brunch is an excuse to consume all of those things together, so let’s get to it!

In other words, it’s time to eat.
Today I’m partnering with DeLallo Foods to show you how to make an awesome Easter brunch board! We can use this to celebrate all through the month of April – whether it’s a holiday, an egg decorating party, or as we inch closer to Mother’s Day, a delicious celebration.

Here’s the key!
First, arrange the board with things that can be made ahead of time. Deviled eggs can be made a few hours or even a day ahead of time. Soft boiled eggs can be made shortly before eating, but they aren’t like a fried egg that needs to be served OMGinstantly.
Take advantage of breads and pastries! For instance, donuts and croissants. Everyone loves those. After that, get bagels and your favorite bread for toasting.
I took hints from my smoked salmon platter and added in some of those elements. Smoked salmon, a little cream cheese, veggies that are excellent for topping, lots of everything seasoning.
You can slice an avocado and make toasts or use it as a side for salmon. And a donut of course.
The classics? Cheese cheese and more cheese! I like a sharp cheddar, something soft like Humboldt fog or a similar goat cheese and then I love to go for a washed rind cheese – like merlot soaked parmesan.
A few charcuterie favorites – prosciutto is my number one. Any sort of sliced salami too.

To round out allll the flavors, I love including a big hunk of honeycomb love along with this DeLallo fig spread and sour cherry spread. We eat these spreads on toast all the time, but they are excellent on savory bites too. Try it on a sliced baguette with cheese and you’ll be in heaven.
For our egg dishes, I did a version of my French onion deviled eggs. I also REALLY love these bacon blue asparagus deviled eggs, so those are an option. And then I made a few soft boiled eggs too.
Use the soft boiled eggs on toast or for dipping! I want to dip all the things.

Something else super fun?
I made a spicy bloody mary mix with the DeLallo Calabrian Chili Peppers!
I have a recipe for a bloody maria in The Pretty Dish and ended up taking that and making a few changes. With so much sweet on the board, this spice is PERFECT.

Great for brunch, lunch or a late afternoon holiday snack.
Oh yes I just called it a snack. Add lots of treats on top and yep, you have a snack.

Now we are definitely set for the best Spring brunch ever!

How to Make an Easter Brunch Board

Everything you need to make the Easter Brunch Board

The highlight of this Easter bunch board are the deviled eggs and soft boiled eggs! Add some avocado toast, donuts and bloody marys and you’ve arrived. 

What you need for the Easter Brunch Board

1 jar DeLallo Foods fig spread
1 jar DeLallo Foods sour cherry spread
1 baguette, (sliced)
2 to 3 avocados, (sliced or mashed)
deviled eggs
soft boiled eggs
smoked salmon
cream cheese
DeLallo Foods sliced prosciutto
sugar snap peas
sliced radishes
an assortment of cheeses (such as Asiago, Cranberry Stilton, Humboldt Fog, Sharp Cheddar)

How to Make the Calabrian Chili Bloody Marys

2/3 cup fresh tomato juice
1 tablespoon DeLallo Foods Passata Rustica Rich Tomato Purée
6 ounces fresh lime juice
3 ounces pickle juice from a jar of pickles
2 teaspoons worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon celery salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 pinch of black pepper
1 DeLallo Foods Calabrian Chili Pepper, (diced)
2 to 3 ounces vodka

for garnish:

DeLallo Foods Calabrian Chili peppers
DeLallo Foods Mild Pepperoncini
DeLallo Foods Sliced Prosciutto
fresh celery stalk
fresh cucumbers
for glass rimming:
celery salt
lime wedges

Easter Brunch Board

Place everything on the board and let people go to town! When setting up the board, I like to group things together – so I start with all the cheese, then the bread products, then the eggs, and so on. It doesn’t have to look fancy – it will all come together!

How to Make the Calabrian Chili Bloody Marys

In a cocktail shaker or blender, add the tomato juice, puree, lime juice, pickle juice, Worcestershire, celery salt, garlic powder, pepper and diced chili pepper. Shake or blend until combined.

Take a glass and run a lime wedge around the rim. Dip the glass in celery salt and fill it with ice.

Pour the bloody mary mixture over ice and stir in the vodka. Garnish with a Calabrian chili pepper, a prosciutto skewer, celery, cucumbers and a pepperoncini. This serves 2, but is easily multiplied!

Might have to add a chocolate peanut butter egg to this.
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