Friday Food Finds: Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters, Lay’s Remix Chips, Sour Easter Candy, and More!

There really isn’t a theme with this week’s Friday Food Finds. In fact, these are probably the snacks you’d find in a college dorm room among textbooks, Solo cups, and the crippling fear of not passing that mandatory philosophy elective. But we tried them all on the Taylor Strecker Show (with special guest Rob Shuter) and have plenty of strong opinions. Scroll down to see what we thought!

Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies (Lemon Watermelon)

Not bad. Not bad at all! While I prefer my chewy candy to be a bit softer, these have a great tang and balanced sour to sweet ratio. Your children will certainly be happy with Sour Punch Chicks and Bunnies in this year’s Easter basket, but let’s be honest: They’ll probably be happy with any type of candy in this year’s Easter basket.

SeaSnax Chomperz Seaweed Chips (Barbecue)

I honestly didn’t mind these, but Taylor and Rob were not fans. In fact, they called the idea “stupid” and said that standard seaweed snacks are much preferred. I’d have to agree with the latter and can attest that SeaSnax’s line of plain ol’ seaweed is fantastic, with Chipotle and Lime as my personal favorites. Pass on these but try those!

Extra Refreshers Gum (Tropical Mist)

Gum can be tricky: There are hundreds of types, flavors, and brands that aim to please very specific palates. Thus, it was no surprise that Extra’s Refreshers gum was a bit polarizing. While we appreciated the cooling menthol effect, it wasn’t mind-blowing delicious. We also prefer the texture of IceBreaker’s IceCubes gum since it has tiny crunchies of flavor. Try this, though, since gum preferences will always be particular to the person.

Epic Performance Bars (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

It’s very clear that Epic is coming after RX in the date/egg white bar game, but we’re not fans. The company is absolutely the authority when it comes to meat bars, but these definitely fell short compared to their softer and stronger-flavored competitors. Good try, but not a win for us.

Poland Spring Sparkling Water (Lemon Vanilla – LINK TO COME)

I LIVE for a seltzer and literally drink it every day, but woah—this lemon vanilla essence was overpowering (the White Peach Ginger is FABULOUS, though, and can be purchased here). I’ll stick to more subtle varieties, but will always love a standard Poland Spring if we’re talking about basic bottled varieties.

Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters (Pumpkin Seed and Sweet Corn)

These were hands down the best things we sampled all day. They’re the perfect balance of sweet and salty and make an amazing mid-afternoon snack that is, overall, quite healthy. These would also be great topped with cheese or a homemade preserve, which means you’re officially planning the next happy hour whether you like it or not. Rush to buy these immediately.

Lay’s Remix (Flamin’ Hot/Dill Pickle)

I can’t get enough of these things and implore Lay’s to make them a permanent flavor in their already-extensive lineup. That being said, they pack a huge punch, so the spice averse need not partake. You’ve been warned.