Favorites List (3.24.19)

A fresh list of links, recipes, reading, and watch-worthy gems for the week ahead. Enjoy!
– To Make: Folkloric Immunity Tonic (Andrea Gentl + CAP Beauty)
– Let’s talk about eye health! (In Fiore + Dr. Elise Brisco)
– Photos: Southern India (in my Insta Stories)
– A few fave asparagus recipes: this, this, this, and these.
– Required reading: for aspiring restauranteurs
– 2019 Garden Inspiration: reading this, binge watching this
– Watching: this & this
– Love: Esther Choi’s The Kitchen Gadget Test Show
– Reading: this, this, and this.
– Warming up To Vegan Pozole (New Yorker)
– The House that Love Built – Before it was Gone
– The Truth About Wasabi (video)
– Wish list: for my elbow ouchie (via Healthyish), daisy lead to match Polly’s daisy collar, a kishu tree, more Kashmiri amaro
Let me know if you have a favorite to add to the list – a favorite recent book you’ve read, podcast you’ve listened to, recipe you’ve cooked, etc! 
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