The Best Food Shows on Hulu To Binge Right Now

If you’re a television fanatic who has streams most of your nightly entertainment (or daily, we don’t judge if you need a break at your computer come 2pm), you probably already know by now that Netflix is killing it when it comes to original programming that focuses on food. From the insanely addictive “Salt Fat Acid Heat” to the beautifully shot “Ugly Delicious,” these Netflix originals and others have fans all over the world traveling to try new dishes or even adventuring out in their own kitchens. (And don’t forget that eight seasons of “Parts Unknown” episodes are also streaming there.) But when your daily TV food show diet often includes watching a few foods series a night, don’t forget that some of the most consumable episodes are also streaming on Hulu. From Food Network’s best cooking competition show out there to a seriously entertaining docu-series from a chef-turned-rapper, each of these television shows is totally worth devouring. (Trust us when we say Handmaid’s Tale shouldn’t be the only reason you head over to Hulu.) Below the best shows to binge watch on Hulu right now.  

F*ck That’s Delicious

Before he was a rapper, Action Bronson was a chef in New York City, his hometown—and so suddenly the idea of a guy who raps lyrics like “As Bocelli sings the celly rings” also hosting an original series suddenly becomes way less random. Viewers see Bronson really does know his way around a kitchen (and has an incredibly fun time navigating it), and his docuseries often highlights his food pilgrimages while he’s on tour, like in the episode when his crew stopped by Rose’s Luxury in Washington, D.C., a favorite of the Obamas.

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Beat Bobby Flay

Think you can cook better than Bobby Flay? That’s the premise behind this habit-forming Food Network show, where other chefs go up against the master—with other Food Network faves like Sunny Anderson and Giada De Laurentiis judging the (sometimes tasty) results. Come for the cooking inspiration, and stay for the drama, like on the episode when Cooking Channel’s Debi Mazar and “Chopped’s” Ted Allen compete against Flay for the top prize.

Bong Appetit

These aren’t your stoner friend’s pot brownies. On this high-minded cooking-with-pot television series, host Abdullah Saeed, a VICE veteran and weed rights advocate, and his buddies, like chef Cat Cora, take edibles to the next level, cooking the green stuff into barbeque, Thai food, and pizza. They even make a Mother’s Day Brunch with it. Yeah, man.

Tasty 101

Instead of watching a cinnamon roll tutorial from the tiny screen of your phone before you go to bed, stream one of Tasty’s tutorials on your small screen and get cooking. There are loads of must-have recipes, from the perfect roast chicken to the creamiest cheesecake. See? So much more useful than a binge of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”


You already know how addictive this one Food Network show can be, and Hulu has twelve seasons (that’s 154 episodes) of the hit elimination show ready for your streaming pleasure, including Teen Tournaments and most deliciously, Worst Cooks challenge. *chef’s kiss*

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