Trader Joe’s Just Leaked Info on 4 New Frozen Items Coming Soon — Food News

When we’re not shopping at Trader Joe’s, we’re listening to the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast. (PSA: If you’re not already listening to the podcast, you should start now.) The podcast gives fans insider information about everything you didn’t know you needed to know about the store.

Their most recent episode (#12), included a rousing discussion of the store’s frozen products with VP of Marketing Product, Matt Sloan; Marketing Director, Tara Miller; and a product developer named Katherine. We’re not being sarcastic! Out of all of the items the store carries, none quite garner as much excitement as their frozen offerings. Katherine agrees: "We have so many amazing products in our stores, but the frozen aisle is where almost all of our customers are engaged. There are really exciting items there."

Just how many exciting items, you ask? "Believe it or not, we have about 350 items that we are able to fit into our freezer section. We also have seasonal items for the holidays when we add about another 40 SKUs." So yes, there’s more to life than just Frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken.

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We listened on for the skinny on four new frozen items that will be gracing the freezer aisle this year— and now we’re sharing the deets with you. Drumroll, please.