8 Topping Ideas for Instant Pot Cheesecake — Recipes from The Kitchn

If you’re a cheesecake-lover, you know a cheesecake is only as good as its toppings. When I was growing up, canned strawberries were my favorite — mainly because they’re were teeth-achingly sweet and I didn’t really know any better. These days, however, homemade fruit sauces, caramel drizzle, and even candied nuts are my toppings of choice.

While there are tried-and-true ways to make cheesecake, the Instant Pot has completely changed the game. Rather than worry about preheating an oven and waiting a solid hour for the cheesecake to bake, it’s set up in half the time in an Instant Pot. That means extra time for you to make and eat more cheesecake, so you’ll need a few good toppings to reach for. Here are eight.