I’ve Tested Nearly Every Piece of Induction Cookware on the Market. This Is a List of the Best of the Best. — The Kitchen Best List

Fact: Just because a package or Amazon listing describes a cookware set as induction-safe, that doesn’t mean it will actually cook well on an induction stovetop. In a lot of cases, the pot will heat up, but won’t actually cook evenly or quickly.

Before we even get into that, here’s a quick explainer: In order for cookware to work AT ALL on an induction cooktop, pots and pans must be made of — or incorporate — magnetic steel. The easiest way to tell if something makes the cut is to test the bottom with a magnet — if the magnet sticks, the pot will heat up on an induction burner.

Having said that, there are two types of induction-safe cookware: the type that features the same materials (like cast iron, stainless steel, or aluminum that’s encased in stainless steel) throughout the entire pan, and induction-safe cookware that feature walls made out of one material and a special magnetic disc on the bottom.

Tip: You will get much better results if you choose a pan that’s the same size as the circle on your induction cooktop.

Got it? Now, keep reading to find out which sets are the best to buy.