Ree Drummond’s Smart (and Flavorful) Trick for Not-Dry Meatloaf — Celebrity Recipe Showdown

Please don’t get upset at me for saying this, but bacon is something I could take or leave. I know it’s beloved by many and I totally get why — it’s salty and delicious, of course — but I don’t really need a whole lot of it in my life. So when I saw that Ree Drummond wraps her meatloaf in bacon, I didn’t automatically cheer as some would. Instead, I sort of scratched my head: Meat-wrapped meat?

The Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf recipe is by far the most different of the four popular meatloaf recipes I tested. Reading through the instructions before I made it, I admittedly worried it would be an over-the-top, heavy mess. But I’ve got to say that Ree really did surprise me with this one. And I may actually like bacon more than I thought I did.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond’s Meatloaf