Homemade Pizza In Under An Hour Is Entirely Possible—& Entirely Delicious

You’ve probably had classic, New York–style pizza. Perhaps you’ve tried Chicago-style pizza, or pillowy Sicilian-style, or traditional Neopolitan-style (you know, the kind that’s chewy, circular and mottled with swoonworthy char spots from a wood oven).

Now I’d like to introduce you to Lazy Weeknight–style pizza. Yup, it’s a thing, starting—checks watch—right this minute. More specifically, it’s my way of making pizza dough when time is of the essence, and I’m craving the homemade stuff. Thanks to a few tricks (please don’t hate me, pizzaioli everywhere), the dough still yields a wonderfully tender, airy crumb, with crispy, oil-drenched edges, and a subtle, nuanced flavor that complements any topping combinations beautifully. Lazy Weeknight–style pizza doesn’t promise to be the most authentic, or the longest-fermented, or even remotely technically precise—but it does promise to be so darn delicious and efficient (like, ready-to-serve pizza on the table in less than an hour), it’ll become a staple in your rotation.