15 Great Culinary Gift Guides

If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for the cook in your life, I’m hoping this will be a helpful jumping off point. I was working on a 101 Cookbooks holiday gift guide (which I plan to post tomorrow!), and noticed there are a lot of really great culinary-focused gift guides already out there. So I wrangled my favorites into this list. Hope you find something special for the cook in your life. -h
– GOOP Cook’s Gift Guide: The compact, over-the-shoulder, Portable Table Barbecue caught my attention. Also lots of ideas in the GOOP Wellness Junkie’s Gift Guide.
– Not a gift guide perse, but CAP Beauty alway has lots of great products for your favorite cook, food, or wellness enthusiast. Start here, For The Foodie. Poke around The CAP Grocery. Or, jump into The Honey Pot.

– FOOD52 has a good number of A+ holiday gift lists. They’ve set up a page indexing them named The Great Gift List. Be sure to poke around Amanda & Merrill’s Co-founder’s Gift Picks, as well as The Big Wows.
– Serious Eats also has a range of culinary focused holiday guides. Love this one (The Bookworm) focused on the culinary bookworm in your life – lots of great cookbook classics in this list. There is also a holiday guide focused on The Beginner Cook and one for The Baker in your life. Links to all their other holiday gift guides are listed at the bottom of each page as well.
– The Strategist published a list of The Best 35 Gifts (That You Can Buy on Amazon) for Every Type of Home Cook. And there are a number of extra cool items here. Notably the red version of the awesome yellow Dansk Pot you see in a few of the episodes of Samin’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat series. Also intrigued by the mega-bento.
– Huffington Post: I like the scope of this round-up of Homemade Holiday Gifts. Even if you don’t use the recipes linked to in the article, this list is full of cobweb-clearing ideas to use as an initial brainstorm and to get the holiday ideas flowing.
– Wholefully: Cassie shares a really great spectrum of Homemade Soup Mixes in a Jar. And do you see the cute gift tags? You can download the template for those as well. If you want to keep your soup mixes veg, simply swap in veg bullion for the chicken bouillon called for.
– And one more, last-minute, addition to this list from The Strategist – The Best Gifts for Chefs, According to 24 Chefs and Restaurant Owners. If you have a serious home cook on your hands, one that is particularly tough to shop for, browse this list. It tipped me off items like a Microplane spice grinder (adding to my own wish list!), and Thai fruit carving tools.
Gift Wrapping Inspiration

– Check out this post on Remodelista (from a few years back) for DIY: Holiday Gift Wrap ideas. Or take a master wrapping class in holiday wrapping with Claudia Schwartz (pictured above) or Matt Dick – two of my very favorite people and both masters of the presentation of the gift.

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