Pop-Tarts? In MY Vagina?

The British Council is a UK-based organization that says that its mission is “to build trust between people worldwide,” which it tries to do by enhancing cultural relationships and providing educational opportunities for those who want to study and work in the United Kingdom. It also provides free online English lessons which cover grammar and vocabulary, explains how to talk about a variety of subjects, and covers basic tasks like opening a bank account and not getting hit by a car.

One of its English lessons highlights some basic differences between British English and American English, explaining that Brits and Americans occasionally use different words to describe the same thing, like using “chemist” instead of “drug store,” or “flat” rather than “apartment.”

But a lot of word pairs that didn’t make the list probably should have, especially since the Pop-Tarts Twitter account recently suggested that the best place to keep its toaster pastries are in your own vagina.

On Friday, Pop-Tarts posted a picture of a shiny Pop-Tarts-branded fanny pack, which was filled with two Pop-Tarts. “I like my tarts where I like my money,” the caption read. “Right in my fanny.” We’ll ignore the fact that there’s nothing to like about this scenario, unless you enjoy when your breakfast foods taste like pennies. On our side of the Atlantic, that tweet was fine in that We Have to Let Brands Flex Now kind of way, but on the opposite side, British twitter responded with a collective “The fuck , Pop-Tarts?”

In the UK, fanny packs are known as bum bags, because ‘fanny’ is a commonly used slang word for female genitalia. Pop-Tart’s replies were quickly filled with both responses from Brits (and Scots and Australians) who were laughing about the phrasing, and from Anglophile Americans who were eagerly awaiting those replies. “Idk wtf you think we’re doing over here but we are def not inserting poptarts into our vaginas,” one person responded . “If one thing can bring Britain back together, it’s our shock at this,” another wrote .

This was neither the first nor the last time that other countries will giggle about some American brand’s attempt to be cool. Last August, Scottish Twitter had a laugh at Mountain Dew’s expense after it accidentally told everyone to jerk off . Mountain Dew UK tweeted a GIF of a twentysomething downing a bottle of its unnaturally colored soda and wrote “Epic Thrills Start with a Chug.” What it didn’t know at the time it pressed ‘Send Tweet,’ is that ‘chug’ is Scottish slang for masturbation. “You guys didn’t really consult anyone from Scotland on this UK wide marketing campaign eh?” a Scot replied.

Unlike Mountain Dew, Pop-Tart hasn’t deleted its “Right in my fanny” tweet as of press time, which means the British Council still has time to screenshot it. They have to use this in an upcoming English lesson.