Florida Teen Allegedly Steals Pizza Delivery Car So She Could Visit Her Boyfriend

Teenage romance has probably made most of us do deeply stupid stuff at one point or another. You know the kind of crushes that make you do dumb things like fall for skaters with dirty hair or pretend you’re really into surf rock, and because you were probably too young to drive, you probably had to lie to your parents about where you were getting dropped off just you can see your greasy-ass crush? It’s okay—most of us can laugh off those bad decisions when we get a little older.

For one Florida teen, however, teenage love allegedly led to the harebrained decision to steal a pizza delivery car. After midnight yesterday, a 14-year-old girl ordered a pizza. No big deal, you might think, but then she allegedly stole the delivery man’s car so she could drive to see her boyfriend, reported NBC .

NBC talked to the delivery driver, who said that after midnight, he’d pulled up to a house in Lehigh Acres. The house is bordered by a tree-lined area, and he said that as he walked to the door, someone ran out of the woods and into his car. Unlike the Florida teens last year who attempted to steal a pizza delivery car but were foiled by the manual transmission, this girl actually got away in the stolen car.

The police found the car and the teen driver about six miles away. Her father relayed the story that she’d done it all in order to see her boyfriend. It’s a good reminder that the rational parts of the human brain haven’t really developed by the teen years—and that maybe none of those teenage crushes are really worth the anguish.

It’s all bad news for the teen. She’s not only facing recommended charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle, but she didn’t even get the pizza (the police did, in the end), and she might not have even seen her boyfriend. The house where she and the car were found wasn’t her boyfriend’s, so the police concluded that maybe she’d tried to ditch it there and failed.

Although it was definitely a Bad Decision, the teen’s alleged urge to steal a car does point at a bigger problem. Lehigh Acres has been described as an endless suburban expanse, where households need multiple cars because public transportation is “practically useless” and a lack of sidewalks makes walking hellish. Transportation in Lehigh Acres is bad for everyone, not just teens—still, you definitely shouldn’t steal cars, especially if you’re not old enough to drive.